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Current Research:

This page outlines the current state of our research into my family history and gives an indication of what we are currently looking for. If any of the information here might be relevant to your own family, please e-mail us at bill<at> Of course, if you think you might be able to help us, we would also be pleased to hear from you (no professionals please - these pages are for do-it-yourself researchers to share information). We are also pleased to help researchers in other parts of the world with their research in Dover and Deal and the surrounding areas of East Kent.

  • Banks : watch this space for the latest news

  • Beer : help us find the missing link

  • Bowes : who were Elizabeth's parents?

  • Castle : 2 Marys.

  • Cloak :Hannah from Hougham

  • Coachworth : read about my ancestor's involvement in the Battle of Bossenden Wood

  • Dixon : who were the wives?

  • Evans : where are they now?

  • Ey : was John Christian connected with the slave trade?

  • Farr : so near and yet ...

  • Golder :

  • Goldup :

  • Graves : where was Elizabeth christened?

  • Hicks : where were they christened?

  • Hogbin : where did Thomas marry?

  • Holmans : who were William and Mary?

  • Marsh : news of the family world-wide

  • Mummery : which family?

  • Nutting : an old Chislet family

  • Pierce :

  • Rouse : who were Henry's parents?

  • Sawyer : who were James' parents?

  • Sharp : more missing links and a mug shot

  • Snell : a foreigner in the family!

  • Willis : who was Elizabeth?

  • Check out June's current research page for BURGESS, ELLIS, JENNINGS, KNIGHT, PURDY and SPARNON and our other researches in the UK and the USA
  • Take a look at my new USA family, including BEERS, HEATH, CONYERS, MILLER, RUSSELL, LARSON, CLARK, SIBERT, HOPPER and REINHART

Visit some of the other web sites that we have found useful, including the KFHS web site.

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